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January 23, 2013


naomi dagen bloom

We are all grumps these days if the subject is politics. Watching your Jon Stewart clip--only partially--was so glad that we had seen the real inauguration, wondered at its difference from the past. Lately skipping the Stewart program; he tries too hard to appeal to 20-something base. Often tacky, references lost on these old people!

Seattle does not have cultural life like Portland? We saw two very good, new plays last weekend--one you might have enjoyed, "A Noble Failure," on school reform. Local politics? That's another story: Oregon's doctor-governor cannot quite come out for gun control. Geez, and he was an ER doc.

Rain Trueax

Stewart always makes me laugh and laughter is good especially these days. He nailed it. We watched it on C-span which I heartily recommend to anybody who'd like to just see what happened without someone telling you what to think about it. They had a feature where they took calls from around the country, ordinary people, who came in on a Democratic, Republican or Independent line. I recommend it for the partisan networks as it let the viewer get a clue to how the public was seeing it-- of course, only those who cared enough to take the time to call.

We saw it with 14, 11, 8 and 5 year olds and their interest grew with their ages and how much they could grasp of what was going on. And avoiding partisan jabs made it just what it was. Highly recommend as a way to view any big event like that. Do we really want pundits to tell us what we are supposed to think-- from either side?


Im afraid that the pop culture elements turned me off. But I'll see if there is some extended coverage I can look at on C-Span.


For me, the inauguration was anticlimactic. Obama was officially sworn in on Sunday, so this was ceremonial. I saw parts of the ceremony and festivities, but the networks were rehashing it by late afternoon.

Meanwhile, I was doing work at home, stopped at the Museum, got a haircut. Watching TV at home, I switched it to other things. I saw part of the Star Trek: Generations movie, etc.

I was wondering how the Nation group was going? Is it still run by the same guy?


Brandon: No, he has apparently moved to the Mainland. I'm collecting papers to give to you when we get back. Wish we had something of the caliber of Real Change, the Seattle"homeless" paper, in our town.


Interesting that the link to Stewart is "not available in my country any more."

Oh well, *yawn* same old same old no doubt.



I LOVE Jon Stewart, but haven't seen him in a while. Thank you for this clip. It was terrific! I enjoyed watching some of the inauguration. I missed a bunch of it because... yes... I overslept. My son was there in the crowd and sent me a text photo. So exciting!


Beer might be nice and have you feeling mellow.




For thoughtful, uplifting, intelligent news I watch Bill Moyers' Journal. He demonstrates that there are indeed smart and rational people out there.

And, of course, The Daily Show is a staple, as is the Colbert Report. They mock the insanity like no other on television.


Vikings! What a hilarious experience, I want a report!

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