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January 07, 2013



Good points in your Ed video also the last post had great videos with Oliver Stone and his new series. So much going on -- you help us to keep up with it all.


Barbara: Thanks. There is so much out there, for sure.


Oops! Actually, his name is George Takei, not Takai. :-)

Not all Japanese-Americans fared very well in Hawaii. Influential leaders and teachers were sent to internment camps. My uncle's father who was a general manager/Vice President for what became the Hawaii Times Ltd. Japanese language newspaper was very ill-treated. So were the reporters that my mother met later and many of the Buddhist priests she knew. It was horrifying to read what they went through. Art's aunt actually wrote a book titled Ganbare detailing that sad time.


Kay: Is that book available? I would like to read it. I suppose in the light of the terrible treatment others endured it's possible to believe that Japanese in Hawaii did not have it so bad. But the ex mayor of Hawaii Island, Harry Kim, a Korean American, remembers community leaders being sent away and his father admonishing him not to succumb to prejudice. Times were very tough on the Big Island during the war, and I have heard some stories. I'll fix the misspelling.

Cop Car

I am, to a certain extent (though, not intentionally) racist. Obviously, I "know better", intellectually. I think it is in our evolutionary, tribal knowledge that people who are not like "me" are dangerous. We each struggle to overcome this tribal "knowledge" in our own way.
I, too, cringe at being associated with white racists; but, I'd make two points - 1) most white racists of my acquaintance are also sexists, so I'm probably biased against them to start with and 2) there is non-white racism.
I have lived (military "barracks" were not segragated during my service and I've lived in two neighborhoods in which I was a minority), attended school with (starting in college, I hasten to add), worked with (My supervisor at my first full-time job was a female of minority ethnic extraction and my direct-reports in my last position represented Native American/African/Mid-eastern/Asian/"white" American extractions--hmmm--no Hispanics?!), socialized with, liked, loved, and dis-liked, people of varied ethnic backgrounds. One-on-one, people strike me as being amazingly similar regardless of background.
These cans of worms can become very discomfiting.


Cop Car: Certainly the case that it isn't something we want to confront without comforting stereotypes and cliche thinking.


@Kay: Is this the book?



Ahhh... You found it! Yes, it is. She was Art's father's sister.

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