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January 22, 2013



I should check that out. In the U.S. Chavez is portrayed as either a mad dictator or a savior. I don't think most Americans know who he is, actually.

The weather in Hilo lately is sunny but cold, the kind we usually get in winter.


I met some wealthy Venezuelans on a vacation in the Caribbean recently. I saw in their eyes and heard their conversation exactly what you are saying. They were waiting for the election and hoping for the best.

Rain Trueax

We had four nights in Central Oregon-- gorgeous with snow and blue skies. Then drove home this morning figuring we'd come back to fog as it's been that way in the main valley for weeks. Instead back at the ranch we found blue skies-- although still darned cold, with frozen stock waterers which we had someone looking after the place and he had been dealing with but it's our turn now. Cold house but nice to be home ;)


My daughter lived in Portland, OR for a couple of years and just loved it but every time I visited her, it was dark and gloomy and rainy. She loved Portland but I need more sunshine!


It was 41 degrees with high clouds this afternoon but we went for a long walk anyway. The air was wonderful.


All I know is that my Venezuelan friends really dislike Chavez and I'm putting that mildly.

Lucky you that you're having your daughter and granddaughter come. Sigh...


Kay: I don't think Chavez is totally responsible for what is going on, but he hasn't made things better. But I am an outsider to the situation. It does sound terrible.
Yes I'm lucky that I can see my grandkids now, today as a matter of fact.

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