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January 08, 2013


Rain Trueax

Although I've read a lot of memoirs, tend to love biographies and autobiographies, when I came into the blog world, I opted to not read blogs that went too deeply into their writers' personal lives. I could see the fascination but it turned me off. Some I saw back then were writing about themselves and family members in a way that would get them in big trouble for relationships. I think in this reality tv world, we have a lot of people who will humiliate themselves to attain what they think is popularity, and I didn't want to be part of it happening. While it can be fascinating, it also seems that to observe and read it (and there is a lot more than that that humans do to themselves in this arena) makes us part of it.

Remember Joyce Maynard and that newspaper column she put out, then the book about her experiences with Salinger? I still loosely keep track of her life as she's a fascinating woman but she did a lot of damage to herself when she found she could reveal secrets and get popular.

Some for such writers is probably is like an emotional catharsis but is it worth what it gains them to reveal too much? I didn't read Prozac Nation even though I had a few years (premenopause) where I did try Prozac myself. I learned it blocked my creativity and that proved to make it not worthwhile. Now when I feel a bout of depression coming on, I try to find other ways to deal with it.

I don't mean to say I condemn people who do read 'spilling blood' type of blogs or books. Just it didn't do anything for my own life for me to be one of them. Maybe I had enough angst without adding it. I won't say I didn't think-- if I went into all of it for myself I might get more numbers. I considered it all of a few minutes and saw it wouldn't work for me at all. I like blogs to read like yours where they delve just enough into a life but reserve some privacy. I also don't like blogs that tempt the reader with-- oh my this is going on but I can't tell you about it. Well then why mention any of it?

The blog world is wide open and we can do anything with it. It is like the ePub world, a wild west and in the end we can damage ourselves or have it work out as a rich addition to our lives and nobody is looking over our shoulder editing us. Some can get in big trouble that way but I think it is also exhilarating.


Rain: your comment is so rich with ideas. Want to reply at length later.


Wurtzel hit it big with her book, Prozac Nation, but I never read it or anything else she wrote. Her work never captured my interest.

Coozledad at NancyNall.com wonders how she could have been published when there are many others who have something substantive to communicate. And I'd say that the New York publishing and literary scene can be as parochial as those of any small city.

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