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January 19, 2013


Rain Trueax

You never know, their article might lead to more than elitists finding him and reading his piece. :)


Everything I read in Gawker, I feel like they are making fun of themselves as much as the subject of the article. Like they don't have to be grownups.

Rain Trueax made a good point, because it made me go over to The New Yorker. I was sad I could only read the abstract of McPhee's article, because it sounded interesting.


Rain: To me the notion that The New Yorker is for elitists is pretty hilarious. After all, anyone can pick up a copy of the magazine and read it.
Maria: I think the value of his article is to writers who have problems organizing their material. It's both practical and entertaining.

Rain Trueax

It's not who could read it, hattie, its who does-- and it's aimed at the literary elite or you disagree? Gawker may have introduced him to more than the 'New Yorker' would... but as was said above, not just anybody can read the whole thing if they don't pay for a subscription as is true more and more of online magazines and papers like the NYTimes.


Rain: Maybe aimed at high income college grads would be more accurate.The Kindle version is very cheap and has no ads. Right now I'm sitting in my comfy condo reading a chilling piece on Caracas in the latest issue.

Rain Trueax

Like you need more chilling pieces to read? *s* And fine 'high income college grads.' but who have a certain interest level and that does put them in the rarefied atmosphere among Americans-- privileged is another term but you most likely wouldn't like it better. My point was some may learn who he is, what he does simply for Gawker teasing him that he can write something loose, stream of consciousness on his idea of non-fiction and be paid for it. Pulitzer prizes are part of how someone earns that. Gawker likely reaches far more than the New Yorker, he might've been thrilled they mentioned him-- depending on whether he aims to write for a limited audience or would like wider notice.

How cheap is very cheap?


The New Yorker can afford to pay for in depth long form pieces like the ones I just read in the current issue. When I have better computer access I'll write a post on the topic.

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