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January 09, 2013



Sound interesting, wish I could read it.

Your description of cutting up your essay into various parts and rearranging it all is just what I did with many of my university essays, except they were all hand written! What a chore rewriting and rewriting! How much easier it is with today's technology.


I firmly believe that it's important to just write. People were always amazed at how much my first graders could write. They could because we wrote everyday. I told them that writing is a power that could be as strong as Superman's, but it would only get stronger if they practiced and refined their power. They wrote thank you letters to show appreciation to people who did things for our class. They wrote letters to lift the spirits of people who needed their spirits uplifted. They wrote letters to the president to tell them what they thought. I was always so proud of what they could accomplish in a year.


And check out Doonesbury this week. Jeff Redfern can live in his parents' basement on the condition that he write each morning for three solid hours, but he's been sleeping in.

Henry Hank Chapin

And NOT writing must be like Kryptonite. You lose your Superman writing power. One good thing about blogging is that I write a lot.

Cop Car

I'm a big fan of McPhee's having been turned onto him when a co-worker, in 1980, recommended Coming into the Country.


Cop Car: I downloaded a sample to look at. It's about Alaska,where I hope to go some day. Wonder what the changes are from when he wrote it in 1980 to today.


Kay: Missed your comment. But yes, and your students were lucky to have you.

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