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January 16, 2013


Henry Hank Chapin

That sort of unexpected flight delay can be very frustrating. Unfortunately, living in Hawaii is tantamount to flying some of the time. There is a direct Alaska Airlines flight from Honolulu to Bellingham which makes my own life easier. However, it is a "red eye" so one arrives there without much sleep. The flight back is a cinch with virtually no jet lag. When I left a week ago, it was very wintry. It's hard to imagine, sitting here in Hawaii, where it was "freezing" this morning but slowly getting warmer. I'm wearing long pants and a flannel shirt, not my usual uniform. If you bump into the Renaissance Bar, my grnsddaughter, Gina Bozzo, is the bartender there. She leads the tattered-at-the-knees blue jeans, tattooed life of a UDub student.


It seems that the West got slammed with cold weather. 0 degrees in SLC a couple of days ago. We in KY are having a chill and some ice which will disappear by Friday. All and all I feel that this is winter and normal -- barbara


I seem to be losing my resilience. Can't tolerate cold weather as I once did.


What an adventure, Hattie! glad you had enough to chew on for the looooong trip.

I notice lately that my cold intolerance has hit like nothing before. A shock. A vest in the HOUSE? Yeah that's me now.


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