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February 14, 2013


Kay Dennison

Gotta love Lizzie!!!! She had them squirming. I've seen ordinary folks who ran into problems because of a job loss who weren't given any 'synergy' or mercy from these banksters. Why are these guys demanding to be held to a different standard? 'Cause they're rich? Because they donate big money? And if they do get sent away, they get to go to 'country club' prisons.


Kay: She'll get those regulators to do their jobs. I hope a lot of this ends up in the courts!

Cop Car

Anyone who doesn't know the answers to your questions has been too involved in other things to have time to think about the mess that is the USA financial institutions. I have been disgusted with the whole bunch for years - starting long before 2007!


Elizabeth Warren for President! -- barbara

Rain Trueax

We donated to her campaign. This was the year of expanding our donations beyond Oregon's borders and I'm proud of all the ones we supported. We need more of this in 2014. She is something else!


We donated to her campaign, too, and to Rob Zerban, who was running against Paul Ryan in his Wisconsin district and unfortunately lost. I hope Zerban tries again.


Any time I get discouraged about some injustice in the world, I am going to think about Elizabeth Warren, and about about the video I just watched, and then I will feel much, much better. I hope she is enjoying the hell out of this, because I am. (Thanks for the link, Hattie.)

naomi dagen bloom

Can't you feel the energy surging through our response to no-nonsense Elizabeth? Really only a rhethorical question.

How about her as vice president to Hillary? Or would that deprive us of her focus on our dreadful banks. We need more courageous Democratic women in Congress, and we need them soon as possible--2014.

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