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February 04, 2013


Rain Trueax

What a beautiful place and yard. Thanks for sharing it with those of us still in the fog, cold and wintery days :)


What a beautiful view and yard. I am so jealous. The freeze a few weeks ago took my lemon and my lime tree and did serious damage to the tangelo tree. Everything looks so brown and sad here right now. Did you say you had a rental? Hmmm


Rain: I know how it is where you are. Ever since we've been back I've been in a trance, because it really is so beautiful and I sometimes take it for granted.
Toni: I am sorry about your citrus. Think it will come back? I've seen that happen after hard frosts in California.
We have a long term rental right now, and we are kind of far away from Mary's in any case. It's about a 45 minute drive. We do have short term vacation rentals in the neighborhood, but I suspect you would want to be closer to Mary.

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