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February 01, 2013


Rain Trueax

Those were funny. That one woman on the assault rifles as a necessary thing for women's rights, she is the one I comment on somewhere because it was so ignorant of the risks of those guns. They are the ones easiest to goof up and shoot the wrong person with. For a woman, they don't compare to other choices.

The only one I didn't agree with him on is skeet shooting. It takes skill and is a sport that doesn't kill animals. I haven't done it because I don't like shotguns much but I've seen it done and it's not that easy to hit the little disks. I could see it being something a sporty group would do up at Camp David. It's not like war games. And if he did do it, I can see why he didn't put up any photos or let them be taken for the reason Stewart mentioned.

Good laughs overall on a subject that is really irritating right now with the pathetic excuses the GOP is using to not do the things that are sensible and any reasonable minded person could see the value of which says what I think about their reasonable mindedness.


Rain: That woman is a shill for The Independent Women's Forum.She did not even care what she was saying. It was all for the base, and the people who fund IWF probably paid her well for this gig.
Wikipedia entry here on IWF, to which I contributed some information a while ago on a woman named Judith Kleinfeld.
I corresponded with Kleinfeld for a while. She was the type of person we now easily identify as a concern troll, pretending to care about me and my point of view while really being in opposition. Something like, basically we are in agreement and you seem like a nice person, but you are absolutely wrong. Kleinfeld's attacks on the AAUW were silly, as were Christina Hoff Sommers'.
Sommers was one of the original members of IWF.
I remember going to an AAUW convention and seeing a woman waving around The Atlantic Magazine that had this article by Sommers in it (below), which was basically a zero sum argument which concluded that you can't give girls a break in education because that would leave the boys behind.
Self serving people with a right wing agenda.


He is an important voice - a funny voice, but important

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Right. When he is good, as he is here, he is very very good and makes a difference.


Thanks for Jon Stewart's monologues -- good laughs with his mockery -- barbara


Oh my goodness! This was so much fun. I had to call Art over to watch it and he loved it too.

Rain Trueax

/Well as a shill, she was ignorant with her not knowing what gun was used in the home defense and revealing that as though it didn't matter. It matters in this current argument.

Last night Maher had Sam Harris on there with a lengthy discussion on guns which would have been better if it had been the whole hour as it's a complex topic. Harris' view is the main weapon causing deaths right now is the handgun which the Supremes have several times said is a legal right to own. A lot of the handgun deaths though come from someone throwing a loaded gun down and it going off or some other careless use. I myself prefer the old fashioned six-shooter type and don't like the little automatic handguns for a lot of reasons. I figure if 6 shots didn't get the home invader, more would be pointless. She was talking as though we will be facing 5 or 6 home invaders which short of the drug gangs, I don't know where that would be. Three is the most I've heard of. It was a good discussion though of the pros and cons.

One of the interesting points on something you had earlier as did Tabor on Wyoming was that it has this high rate of gun deaths but low crime rate which says pretty well the deaths are either hunting accidents or suicides to push the numbers up. Hunting season is my least favorite time to walk up our road or be in the woods as you do get yahoos, usually drunk or from the city, who simply don't use their heads, get buck fever or shoot up everything. Fortunately it doesn't last long. Wyoming though has a lot of hotshot hunters coming in for big game and it might account for it although depression and suicide could too but it doesn't sound like it is crime as we think of it. I have been to the state a lot of times and LOVE its beauty. but the one who killed himself out here with a gun in his son's barn, he came from Wyoming originally and then to California before he ended up in Oregon with severe depression. The family had several who killed themselves with most probably a genetic bi-polar problem. Some think if they take away guns, those people won't kill themselves but it's not so. Then they'll drive their car into a tree, jump off a cliff, hang themselves or get pills. If someone really wants to kill themselves, they find a way. I don't think we can blame guns for suicides. There is plenty we can put on 'their' plate.

Kay Dennison

Jon not only always gets it right -- we get to laugh, too. Someone wiser than I said, "If I might laugh at any living thing, it's only to keep from crying." Jon keeps me from crying.


It's the handguns that are the main killers. Goldie Taylor is very good on this subject (See sidebar.)

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