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February 12, 2013



Did you say his name was Looney Tunes? -- barbara


Barbara: Well it certainly isn't Merrie Melodies!

Kay Dennison

Sigh. I just wonder if there's a law for this somewhere. These idiots are tap-dancing on treason. Just my take.


Kay: I think terroristic threatening might cover it. What are they doing? Waiting for him to do something horrible?

Henry Hank Chapin

And people like that think they are the real patriots!


Hank: They are mentally ill, of course, but they are enabled by a false understanding of the Constitution. The Founding Fathers did not set up a government with the idea that it could be overthrown! They had freed themselves from colonial occupation by England, a different matter entirely!


"Is this a proper exercise of freedom of speech?"

What do you mean? Would you say it is not constitutionally protected?
He is trying to communicate a message--basically, the country is under siege--in the best way he knows how. He probably cannot afford newspaper or radio ads of the frequency (every weekday) of his sign posting, or even if he could, there's no guarantee local media outlets would run those ads. He could (and does) maintain a presence on the Internet, but probably knows the audience for any given website at any given time is small. But large signs mounted on his truck (his own property), parked day after day on a busy, one-way street will garner more notice. More recently, he's been counterprotesting Albertini's group on Friday afternoons, in part, because Waianuenue Avenue at that time is really busy.

Most people have shrugged this off long ago, so the messages have become more pointed and topical.


Brandon: Leaving aside the obvious fact that the country is not under siege, it seems pretty clear that these signs could be interpreted as terroristic threats against the President and other government officials. He thinks he is being clever, but that is because, like so many of his kind, he thinks most people are stupid and that only very smart people like him will pick up the real message. He actually thinks he's being clever and nuanced in his attacks.
Furthermore, there is the matter of escalation. The more ignored this man feels, the angrier and more paranoid he gets, the more likely he is to commit an act of violence.
I hope law enforcement is keeping a sharp eye on him for all our sakes. And I really hate it that he is there, day after day, intimidating people who would like the use of the playground without his scary presence. He is really creepy, as I realized when I talked to him. And now he is bothering the Friday peace demonstrators who are right in front of the Federal Building. This is a clear escalation.

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