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February 23, 2013


Anne Dewees

Parenthood softened me, too. Now that they are all grown-ups, I am trying to find that edge again. I miss parts of it, especially when writing.


Annie: Which? The softness or the edge?


absence makes the Hattie ruminate! Lucky us

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Ah the night! Much of my book takes place inside a Honolulu taxi during the dark hours.....

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oh good! you can 'moderate' that advert!

but do have a look. David Shapiro, Honolulu's best columnist wrote the intro:

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naomi dagen bloom

Remember sitting in window of crummy apartment on upper west side (that was before it went upscale). It's one a.m. and Jean Shepherd is my audio companion. Insomnia not so bad when I could follow his thinking, his humor.

There I was, one of hundreds of girl college grads interviewing for the "best" jobs in publishing offices, at Esquire magazine, and ending up working for "Photo Trade News." Little did we know that early in the next century girls just like us with "only a B.A." would settle for Starbucks or retail with little hope of moving on without ANOTHER degree.


Cloudia: It's free on Amazon Prime. Thanks!
Naomi: I don't have a clue as to what the publishing industry looked like then, or now. That sort of thing was always out of my league.
All I know is that all the women and a lot of the men in local journalism, that is right here in Hawaii, lost their good jobs a long time ago and turned to other occupations. At best, such work is marginal, occasional and poorly paid.

Cop Car

I'm not sure whether the difference is personal or whether it is an age difference; but, I don't recall ever being really aware of "pop culture" in my youth. I was a really old woman by the time I was age 26! You rebels were not as naive as I was, it seems. I'm glad that you are re-discovering the real you - if I am understanding you correctly. If not....


Cop Car: Will the real me stand up???? Gosh, if you ever find out who the real me is, let me know!

Cop Car

Giving it a moment's thought, I have decided that you are a flibbertigibbet - a word that I've not heard used, lately. *smirking*

Cop Car

OMG! I just read the Wikipedia posting on "flibbertigibbet" and there is a modern use of which I was ignorant. I apply the label to you in the OLD meaning - in the nicest way possible!


Cop Car: Someone who knows me in person describes me as "organic." Few people take me seriously. I impersonate a serious person on occasion, however. In a mood of self congratulation I could call myself an organic intellectual, after Gramsci's definition. I'm not a specialist or a scholar, but I do take ideas seriously, and especially the nature of our communities, our families, and our economy. I would like to see more fairness in life. But I enjoy joking around, too.

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