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February 14, 2013



What a sweet baby dog! The cat photo left me cold.


Queen: Well, we all know how selfish and egotistical cats are, and Fred is no exception. But he does like to cuddle and shmooze, and that's a lot. He has a lot to say, as a matter of fact, and I wish I could understand him.


Love - ly post! We certainly are blessed. Happy Valentine's and Happy Friendship Day!

Kay Dennison

People who are loved and loved back do tend to take it for granted. Those of us who aren't loved suffer in silence.

naomi dagen bloom

Marianna, Think you'd have tweeted at "One Billion Rising" if you'd been closer to the action? Me, I only posted videos and mentioned to the checkout folks at New Seasons. Another time maybe.

Rain Trueax

nice photos and I am very much a cat person but love dogs also. Your little dog pal was very cute

Henry Hank Chapin

The well-regarded contemporary countertenor is DAVID DANIELS. It was actually HANDEL who wrote "Giulio Cesare."


I'm suggesting that instead of thinking about romance on this day we think about love. That makes it a beautiful day to celebrate.


Daniels' voice is wonderful and thrilling, but I think Deller's musicianship and especially intonation are hard to surpass. And in his best years his voice was sweet, too, whereas Daniels' has an edgy quality.


Noami: There is a live feed for a One Billion Rising event in Kona, on the other side of the island. I saw some guys doing the hula!
I prefer my little celebration today.


There are all kinds of love. Happy Valentine's Day.


Brandon: Simple, isn't it. And yet so hard to convey. And Happy Valentine's Day to you, too.


What a wonderful St. Valentine's Day post, Hattie! I like seeing photos of some of the beings you love most, too. Thanks for being the loving person I sense that you are.

Henry Hank Chapin

I think my longer, more important, post got lost. The David Daniels thing was me correcting myself so it makes no sense alone.


Hank: That happens sometimes. Darn. I would like to have read the longer post.


I was thinking in general of the way we do not have a real day to celebrate love. Valentine's is a romance day and limited in its scope.

Henry Hank Chapin

I'll try to briefly reconstruct my post that didn't get through, probably my fault. Here goes: Wow: I remember Alfred Deller, the first of the famous countertenors. Some people are taken aback and think a woman is singing, but that's the natural voice of a countertenor. I listened to Deller's records in college. It so happens our nephew, Francisco Negrin, is an opera director. He was doing Handel's "Giulio Cesare" in Los Angeles. On an inspiration and a whim, Helen and I flew to Los Angeles for a weekend just to see and hear the opera. Francisco's speciality is classical composers with edgy, avant garde, modern presentation. Therefore there was a nude bath scene, tastefully done of course, naturally, what else :-). The star was the contemporary countertenor, David Daniels. Also, one of the women singers was in "The Barber of Seville" with me here in Honolulu, so that was another incentive to go. This is not particularly a Valentine's Day story, escept that Helen and I were very companionable and we had a great time. For us, it was an adventure carried through without a hitch. Helen was my Valentine.


Hank: Thanks for this. Somewhere I have original Deller recordings plus downloads on my I-Pod Nano. My sister got to hear him in person several times, but I was never that lucky.

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