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March 14, 2013


Rain Trueax

I also was impressed with the interview last night. I am glad he came forward and gave his reasons. He really did do a service for the country. Those who wanted to vote for Romney anyway at least couldn't pretend they didn't know what he was.

On the removing of Ed Schultz, I was not pleased. I liked his working guy, rough and tough ways, don't particularly like Chris Hayes, too young, too smooth, too something lol, and to me it will be like two Rachel Maddow shows in a row, BUT it will free up my evenings to not watch news; so that works for me as did you regarding the week-end change. I doubt I will watch Ed on the week-end as that's always too filled up for me to even remember it unless they do it in the evening. We have lost Ed's voice on Progressive radio with the Oregon station going to sports. I am down to what I read, I guess :( Not that reading is bad.


Rain: I hear you. And I like Ed Schulz and his working class vibe, too. It's really too bad you lost progressive radio. Chris Hayes is eastern and urban and Rachel is western and urban, so there is that degree of difference. Funny, we always like young women but are somewhat prejudiced against young men.

Rain Trueax

Well, I'm not that fond of her as such either. I watch her show off and on but she's not on my list of must-sees. Maybe I am prejudiced against the young or maybe it's just that I liked Ed and felt he was not the standard looking guy to be doing that job. I came to like him from radio and liked him when he moved to the news show. He would really call out what he saw and not gently at times ;) I hope he meant it and that he really did want this change. The rumor was they wanted to get a smoother, more sophisticated look to their lineup... Does that mean Chris Matthews is next? *s*


Rain: I understand that Ed Schulz actually wanted the weekend spot. But of course we will probably never know what's behind the switch.


I am so behind on this Mitt story. Will be interesting to watch Ed, who I think is great, and finally get the entire scoop on the damaging video. I sure hope that this young man will be safe in the years to come. -- barbara


When news of that video broke, I thought, This is the beginning of the end of the Romney campaign.

Prouty is raising money for legal defenses and has had to contend with angry people:



Barbara: The big media are trying to suppress this story. They are still beholden to the Republicans and their money. They would rather cover CPAC.
Brandon: Thanks for the link.


Hattie: You're welcome.

I found this through a NancyNall.com comment:


To me, MSNBC should stop running all those old prison specials on the weekends.

Current, which is no longer available on our cable system, now seems to be only documentaries about the last days of dead celebrities: "[name]: The Final 24." That's according to the FB updates I signed up for a while ago.

Finally, Nancy herself is dismissive of Maddow's view of Detroit's new emergency manager.

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