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May 07, 2013


Rain Trueax

I watched last night and he did cover current events... I am so irked though with the coverage that requires me to listen to people like Cruz with their irritating spiel that it's hard to get past that. Matthews did it too. If I wanted to hear their maddening arguments, I'd watch Fox. I also am frustrated over the way the media is bumping the Benghazi thing again. They act as though it's new but it's not. The difference is an embassy employee is discussing it but the facts have been out a long time-- that the government was leery about putting boots on the ground there for fear the war would widen. It's the same problem with Syria. I am very suspicious that the sarin gas was done by someone who wanted US involvement whether that was the rebels or someone else who profits from our being pulled into that war. It is sooooooooo much like Iraq. Oh yes, he's a bad guy but what makes some people so eager to put others in there to fight a war and maybe die or be crippled? I think there is plenty of time to look further at who might've used that gas since the US getting involved doesn't benefit the Syrian government as much as those who want a wider war in the Middle East

Henry Hank Chapin

Regarding your comment to oddly named "Queen" anti-spam person, I have sent five comments recently which have never appeared. I've lost faith, as I'm not at all certain this one will make it through.

One comment I remember was about solar catchers and economics. Is it really economical to spend $40,000, as some on my street have, when monthly electric bills are in the $200-$250 range?

I agree with Rain Trueax. I don't like to see and hear the ridiculous rightwing commentators they use to begin their own stories.


Hank: Lucky we can get in touch via Facebook and Twitter. But the spam situation is improving. I am wondering if others have had trouble commenting too. As to your neighbors: Why are they spending that much for photovoltaics? We sure didn't. Sounds to me like some people are getting ripped off: overcharged. Or they have big arrays and are generating extra electricity. We consume about as much as we produce. It was not cheap, but we are within three or four years of breaking even. It has been a great investment for us, because we did it early in the game. Coming in later to do it may not pay off. But the panels are getting cheaper. If prices don't come down it means someone is making unreasonable profits.
I think some people in Honolulu have been using photovoltaics to generate hot water. That is a mistake. Everyone with a suitable rooftop should have solar hot water. That pays off very fast.
Oh, and it is quite common for people around here to have $400. and $500. electric bills, especially if they run air conditioners a lot and use clothes dryers.


Rain: I do like watching all these programs online, so I don't have to waste my time on stupid stuff.


Rain: That is why I watch everything online. We don't have cable TV anyway.

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