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July 05, 2013


Rain Trueax

I don't have a problem with people criticizing a group who let others rape and abuse without finding fault-- wherever it's found. I think religion is just an excuse and it's found in many of them unfortunately. I do worry what will happen with Egypt as it all seems very iffy right now.


Rain: Scahill says no one in that country has anything to gain no matter what happens. It's just a waste.


The people of Egypt are starving and the economy is shattered. And what are the men doing? Fighting for power. And raping more than usual.
IMHO, as world population continues to increase in the midst of climate change, there will be more starving people rioting and more military take overs.

Poppa Zao

Yes. I heard about it through Max Blumenthal's Twitter. He and others have been jumping all over her, unfairly, I think. He has a tendency to insinuate. See this tweet as an example:

A pattern for @JoyceCarolOates ?http://t.co/hnbSgBdW0b RT @SanaSaeed: Racism is natural, everyone! https://t.co/6uadyKOAIO h/t @bangpound Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal) July 5, 2013

It's the false equivalence argument: Americans have no room to talk about ---- because we ----.


Florence: Have they lost hope?
Poppa Zao: We are long overdue for attacks on white women. Who are said to be elitist. We're a much better and safer target, as a group, than white men, because we don't have much power but can be made to look as if we represent the power elite. It's all crap. Look around you. At all those elite white women, ha ha.
Thanks for being so on this issue, Brandon.


That is so awful to hear about the rapes. I haven't heard anything about it on the news. I wonder why.

Pamela (LadyLuz)

No. nothing in the British press either. Very strange.


Kay, Pamela: I stopped watching mainstream news a long time ago. Twitter is where I find breaking news and links to in depth-articles. I'll try to remember always to cite my sources, so you can see where this news come from.

Cop Car

NPR and BBC have regularly broadcast on the situation (including sexual assaults) in Egypt - if I'm not hallucinating!

Cop Car

P.S. I listen to NPR and BBC via radio - not TV.


Cop Car: My sources were BBC and Guardian Online, via my Twitter feed.

Rain Trueax

There have been articles on Daily Beast regarding what is happening to women with sexual abuse in Egypt. Maybe it's the cable news that is not covering it although I can't say as lately I haven't watched much news there.

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