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July 15, 2013



So lima beans can grow in East Hawaii? I thought they might need cold weather.

Rain Trueax

Working directly with the clay is why I preferred doing my sculptures that way and firing them rather than the was method leading to bronzes. Clay feels good to manipulate.


Your poke sounds wonderful! I don't much like raw fish either. I'm the only one in the family who doesn't so your type of poke would work for me. That bean arbor is so cool! I love it!


Brandon: These are the kind of beige beans with maroon spots that I call lima beans. Mary has a degree in agriculture from UHH, and she knows how to make things grow like mad here.
Rain: I know a lot of people who go right to the wheel, and they do very professional looking work, even though they may not have much experience building pots by hand. I think if you want to produce a lot of neat looking ceramics, you learn the wheel, but that's not my intent. It's just something I like to do, making my funny pots.
Kay: This is a trick I learned from Mary: Take any kind of poke and sear it. It does not alter the flavor much, and if you don't like raw fish you can happily eat it that way.

Rain Trueax

When I took ceramics in college, it was all hand-built. That's how the Navajo and Hopi do theirs. It's not that one method is superior. They are just different. Sculpture in clay requires building up the form and isn't that different than the hand-built pots for the basics.


Rain: Some of my classmates do sculpture, and they are quite talented.

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