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July 16, 2013


Rain Trueax

I wish Scahill had answered the question Colbert presented-- what would you do? I think it's very easy to find fault and see the high cost of this or that approach but then what do you do? I know Colbert presents it as if he's a rightie and he's not but it's a valid question. What do you do about someone who is teaching hate and say bomb making, who is a big influence but you cannot arrest and bring to trial? Just let them do it? It would be okay if that was his belief but what i saw in the interview seemed to me that he avoided saying that but only that what's being done is not good. I guess nobody has a responsibility to do more than point out the problem but given his level of experience in this area, I'd have liked to see what he does think should be done when we know a terrorist is somewhere but he's in the midst of a lot of people. I think he implied we don't know until there is a jury trial but not sure I buy that. Perhaps he did give ideas on how to deal with this in his book.


Rain: Scahill SAID get people extradited and tried, not wiped out in drone raids. He's never denied that some of those people really have it out for us.

Rain Trueax

I tried to go back to watch that again to see what i missed, and all I got were ads and I tried twice. I don't think he really believes we could extradite someone from a lot of those countries. They are not friendly to us and these people have often been paying off the local governments. What I have read is if they could extradite or even capture them and take them out of the country, they would. You have to believe Obama lied about it to think that he has deliberately chosen to kill out of a power game he likes to play. The issue though that I was bringing up is if you can't extradite them from say Syria or Pakistan, what do you do? Let them continue as they are?

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