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July 19, 2013



Must check that series out. Interesting about Germany, the spins, the spins. My god they never end.

Breaking Bad I absolutely love. Then I loved The Wire too.... :)

Enjoy yourself Hattie.



Will do. And you, too.

Pamela (LadyLuz)

Hi Hattie

There's more to the miraculous economic post-war recovery than meets the eye and like others,I think a proper study of it is needed.

Loved "the Bridge" Hattie, also the Danish version of the West Wing, called "Borgen", now awaiting series 3. We're currently enjoying Wallander in Swedish. There seems to be a big appeal on British t.v. for Scandinavian drama - always very well done IMO, with quirky fascinating characters.


Pamela: Loved Wallender in Swedish, too. The male/female dynamics in Scandanavian drama fascinate me.

Ole Phat Stu

Hattie, normally I'd avoid a troll, but may I step in to correct some of your article?

Declaration of interest : I am an expat Scot living in Germany some 40 years now. I have no vested interest in Jewish claims for WW2 reparations.

After WW2, the USA first kept German inustry down, wanting to keep Germany as an agricultural nation. This was called the Morgenthau plan (read up on it in Wikipedia).

Later the USA realised that the way to resurrect Europe was to let them reindustrialise. This was called the Marshall Plan (read up on it in Wikipedia), which was very successful and for which Europeans (including Germans) are grateful. Recovery without this plan would have been much slower, if not unlikely. East Germany (under the Soviets) did not benefit from this and everyone can compare results :-)

Contrary to your assertion abour modern European economies, Germany is indeed stepping forward to save Greece and Spain, provided they cut back on their wasteful practices. Where else do you think the billions are coming from? Certainly not from the USA. In fact, the German economic minister was just in Greece this week, handing them another bunch of German money.

I just wanted to get the facts stated, not troll anyone, Hattie. Thanks to CC for the heaqds-up on your post. BTW.

Live long and prosper!


Ole Phat Stu: Well, I have some background in all these matters. And I'm keeping an eye on the German press and TV. Surprising I can do this from Hawaii, but nonetheless it's true.
Living in Germany may have made something of a mansplainer out of you. You sound patronizing. You have the facts and I don't? Hmm.




Ole Phat Stu

What does Mansplainer mean?
It is not in http://dictionary.reference.com/ . Dialect?

Not I, but Wikipedia, has the facts. I merely point to them; sorry if that sounds patronising. Ad hominem does too.

Pamela (LadyLuz)

Hi again Hattie

RE one of your previous themes about sexual violence towards women, I came across this http://www.smh.com.au/world/norwegian-woman-in-dubai-sentenced-to-jail-after-reporting-rape-to-police-20130722-2qd44.html and thought you'd be interested.


Old Phat Stu:http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Mansplain
Pamela: Thanks.
Brandon: Fascinating. You come up with the most interesting things.


Interesting joust with Stu. Mansplainer indeed, though he's a jolly good fellow and bright as heck--I don't know enough about anything much to disagree with him in confidence. He once rode his motorcycle to the town my mother was born in to see if my grandmother's grave in the churchyard was still there. He did this out of the goodness of his heart.

Re the woman in Dubai...is she the one who got more jail time than her rapist? for having sex outdoors??

I was just reading a blog from Sweden, and the blogger mentioned that she'd just been in Gamla Stan, the old quarter of Stockholm. You might find this area enjoyable if you're in Stockholm while on your visit.


P.S. That's a tangerine, huh? Couldn't pay me enough to eat it. (Well, maybe, but.....)


M.E: Sure that Stu is an OK guy. I do believe there needs to be revision of the "economic miracle" idea about German recovery. This is a fraught subject and tempers fray.
M.E. Never saw the like.

Ole Phat Stu

Thankyou. I'll go with #5 and/or #6 ;-)

Over and out.


one of my good friends here is from Germany, and she just returned from visit there, and you're right....it's not the paradise it was said to be not too long ago.


P.S. The woman who had "sex outside"....that was "outside of marriage".....maybe I saw the first part via the Onion???


M.E. I could live there quite happily, but that's because I like Germany, warts and all, and understand the place to the extent that that is possible for a foreigner. This means I see the tortured history and present drawbacks.


Old Phat: Glad you are so open minded. (;

Cop Car

Many bloggers, including a few whose comments appear above, are not averse to expressing strong opinions. When it comes to nations/peoples, I, myself, try (not always successfully, perhaps) to steer clear of making such postings. Why? Because I know that I don't have the background/knowledge to make such postings. Mostly because of my ignorance, and being a firm believer in the maxim that two heads are better than one, I appreciate being informed by more than one viewpoint.

Thanks to Hattie & to Stu for attempting to further my education/knowledge base.

"For they are jolly good fellows,
"For they are jolly good fellows,

P.S. I am a duke's mixture in ethnic heritage comprising, at least, English, Scot, Irish, German, and French. In addition, I had a 3X great-grandmother named Pocahontas, of unknown ethnicity.


My maternal grandmother was "Hispanic," and my paternal grandmother was a dark-skinned French Canadian. My grandfathers were fair skinned, one Irish, one Scots Irish. I have very fair skin and (still) dark hair, like my Irish grandfather. Terry is a very fair all-white guy who was blonde once upon a time.
One of my aunts was called "Poco," because of her dark skin and hair. She moved to Honolulu in the 30's and loved it. I have been trying to find out what happened to her and her one son, my cousin, but have not been successful.

Cop Car

Hattie--I should have added that I must have some Norse in me, being a redhead. (Having been a redheard, perhaps I should write.)

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