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September 21, 2013



Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing, Hattie.

Rain Trueax

The bad part is racism leads to racism and ends up having blacks fearing and hating whites with better reason than whites fearing blacks. What happened to that young man is hard to comprehend as why would any woman react as she did? The end result though is to deepen the divide where we stop judging each other by actions and it's all skin color. That's just plain sad as well as stupid. She should feel guilty but will she...


Wise post, M

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Tanya: You are most welcome. I should be the one thanking you, because I have thought so much about this topic but did not have the skill to clarify my thinking.


As Tanya says, none of us benefit from racism.


I can't imagine why a cop while surrounded by other cops would feel the need to shoot a kid 10 times that was just asking for help. But I guess we don't always hire geniuses to be cops.


It's the system. When things like this happen we don't take responsibility for it but just say people are stupid. It seems that a true patriot would be ashamed that such things could happen in his or her country.

Cop Car

Obviously, I think that the police office committed a grievous act. The only thing that I can think is that, rightly or (as we assume) wrongly, the officer did not perceive that the young man respected the officer's authority, and that the officer acted out of fear. That a person who is that unsure of his capabilities to control a situation should not be on duty, seems obvious.

As I have been reading about DNA research that may show some basis for a person's fearing those who are unlike oneself, I wonder if we will become GMOs to allow us to respect one another and to live less fearfully?

Other research that I have read tells me that, even those of us who think ourselves free of racism may be "not so much". I may fight racism within my own mind; but, how successful am I, really?

My aim is not to become an apologist for the police officer; but, until/unless I know much more about him than I do at this point...who am I to pretend to know what was in his mind...what really happened?

Cop Car

P.S. Well, yes. I failed to note that an inordinate amount of ammunition seem to have been expended. I cannot fathom how much fear or heedlessness or racism or whatever it takes to discharge ones weapon that many times. *shuddering*

Rain Trueax

When my daughter lived in Georgia, she said such incidents weren't that unusual which is one reason she didn't want to raise her children there. It was pervasive and not even seen. That said, there is a lot of it in the north but in other ways with disrespect if not guns. The police a LOT of places are overreacting at anything they perceive as resisting their absolute power. That should work white as well as black.

I read an interesting article this morning in Daily Beast on the Matthew Shepherd killing and what might've been behind it which wasn't gender. That's the irony of anything that happens-- how it gets milked by those who know how to build publicity for their causes. So it might've been more a 'Breaking Bad' situation than hate for gays... We get our minds made up though and find convenient truths to believe that fit our own agendas.

Rain Trueax

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Poppa Zao

On Tim Wise:


Brandon: How brilliant of you to find this. I'm going to put it up top.

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