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November 29, 2013



Did you have a Nation discussion group this month? When will be the next one?


Brandon: I don't think we had a Nation discussion group, or I might have gotten mixed up on it. The next one will be Dec. 15 and the one after that on Jan. 19.


I have never watched morning joe, but why would they introduce race into a discussion about a white guy from Canada? If they want to talk about a racial issue why not mention the knock out game where all the victims are white and all the perpetrators are people of color.


I'm the one who is mentioning race,not them. I don't understand why they think this miserable man is funny.It's all infotainment to them.

naomi dagen bloom

You watch "Morning Joe"? Surprised. Never know what intimate info blog post will reveal. Fail Pie looks as if it moved in transport. We had one of those. I say the hell with perfection. Same in knitting: that's how you know it's made by a human.


Naomi: Actually I don't watch Morning Joe, because it's dumb. The segment I watched was inane. I just was testing out my two-screen option here.
The pie was good. It was actually made by a professional pie maker who evidently ran out of crust.
I have a wonderful pair of hand-knit socks. They are ugly, but they never wear out.


My apologies. I thought the hosts were trying to stir up a racial element to play to the audience. As for a Mayor of color being persecuted, maybe you don't remember DC mayor Marion Barry. He is black and was on video smoking crack with a prostitute and the folks there re-elected him.


Ingineer: That was quite a while ago, wasn't it. But those things never get forgotten!


You're able to hook up two monitors to the same computer? That is so cool. I know Art had two monitors hooked onto his laptop, but you could only use one at a time.


Windows 7 has a setting for double monitors. It is pretty nifty.


"We're all deluded. It's just a matter of degree."

Yup, ma'am.

Including moi.



Terry set up my double monitor thing with Windows 7. It's easy (he says).
WWW: Glad you are back!


Morning Joe is a buzzy show followed intently by Beltway types. I've seen bits of it if I'm up late.

Belated Thanksgiving news: I made Indian pudding for the first time the day before Thanksgiving. It turned out nicely.

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