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November 23, 2013



I thought that this was a great interview on Greer's part -- the interviewer seem very scripted and had a difficult time shifting with Greer's thoughts. Greer is very insightful -- we need more like her. thanks for bring this video to our attention -- barbara


Barbara: Yes. Have you ever had the experience of talking to someone who might as well be a brick wall?
He felt that he had a job to do. At any rate, she can be heard, in spite of the way she has been stereotyped.

Hank Chapin

I will listen to this interview later, as I still have to finish the newspapers after getting my picture taken with Santa and Hoku at the Humane Society. A pleasant visit to the Dog Park ensued, so I wiped out two hours of the day, although very pleasantly.

But my real comment is about impervious people. I just finished reading "League of Denial" about concussions in the Natrional Football League, not your cup of tea perhaps, but wait...! My daughter picked up the reference without my prompting and is listening to the book on her car CD player. She mentioned all the impervious denial of people and their warped thinking (Hey, the players made money and knew what they were in for type thinking.). In this vein, a guy on the Nation Cruise ship who was not a member of the group came up to me and said, out of the blue and very ernestly, "I believe in working." Totally impervious to the possibility that I might have paid for the trip from my hard-earned money.


Stellar. It is not streaming well here, so I could not really see it all, but it gave a chance to meditate a bit on Greer. Time for some rereading.


Z: Yes, I want to read her latest book now.


Hank: We think dog walking is such a good activity that we have started walking the neighbor's dog. They are very busy with two little girls, so the help is welcome and we get some exercise. They even gave us a turkey, and I put it in the freezer for Christmas (We're having Thanksgiving at our cousin's place, as usual.)
What the interviewer did was ask a question, paraphrase her answer and then ask the next question. I think he thought that was the way to conduct an interview.
The examples you give are the "brushoff." Well, they have it coming,etc. not wanting to think things through and preferring not to care about other people.


So articulate, natural, quick-thinking and to-the-point is Greer in this clip, terrific! While the interviewer plods along with his pre-meditated questions, never really inter-acting with her. I think that's probably his personality and not the fact that he's male.
Thanks for posting this, Hattie.


Natalie: I think she is highly effective in this interview, moreso than in her books, even.

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