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November 25, 2013



This is a test to see if commenting works.


I think your comment thing worked. I didn't get the hash tag thing this morning. Art says every island seems to have a different GMO/pesticide regulation. Shouldn't it be a statewide ruling?


Kay: Or rulings at the federal level, if we can ever get the federal government working again.


The trouble, from the activist point of view, with having the state or feds step in is that they become less audible over the din of money and power as the stage becomes larger.

I'm not a true believer one way or another about GMOs, but I am all too aware that when local people feel their perspective is squashed, it is bad for the functioning of democracy and society.


I wonder if Abercrombie will try to overrule the county GMO bans.


This is an issue with a lot of confusion around it. I think it helps to follow the money.

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