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November 28, 2013



LOL!! It placed me right on! Bourgeouis vous! Upper middle class.


I took the test and discovered I am firmly in the middle class. No surprise, but my budget says I am slipping downward. Thanks


I got MIDDLING. Although it says that my people went to college, I am the only person in my family to graduate from college, so they got that part wrong. But I could see them getting it wrong, I currently live at a much higher standard of living than I grew up in.


Ingineer: Do you like country-western music? That alone could give you status demerits! (:


I'm Middling middle class. It got some things right, but not everything. Still, it was fun to take the test.


I got Bourgeois Vous. I married up, away from my middling origins. Unlike many others, I admit that. Avoiding soft drinks and country western music also enhanced my social status, it seems.
One thing this little test does is to make clear the difference between the middle class and the upper class. Upper class people truly do not care about the middle class niceties. Middle class people of all levels use the same goods and services to the extent that they can afford them. Upper class people are "exclusive." They are wonderful people who expect to be catered to. Just ask them how wonderful they are, and they will tell you.

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