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December 02, 2013


Ole Phat Stu

Amusing coincidence : "Sarah Palin" is an anagram of
- inter alia - "Sharia Plan" ;-)


Hmm. I did not know that!


I am NOT ready for the holidays. What the heck? I can't seem to get the steam going. Well, I admit we did go out on Black Friday, but it was only to get a few 'can't pass up bargains'. It was in-one-store, out in half hour and back home to take a long nap.

Your orchid is fabulous. It looks like a lady with her hands up to me.


Kay: I've hit a snag, too. Some bad news about old friends has me very upset. But nothing I can do about it, either.


I can't seem to get my life under control not to mention the holiday season.


PS Love love love the 2nd picture, dancing clown.

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