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January 29, 2014



Wonderful that The closest I have come to a farmer's market since I have been here is a place called Chucks -- a large store of organics and local produce. I imagine spring will bring in the farmer's markets. You and your husband eat quite the gourmet food -- all healthy -- wonderful. -- barbara


Barbara: It's cheap here, because it's local and overhead is low. I noticed that farmers' markets are expensive in Seattle and kind of a hipster thing, but ours is very "down to earth."


"There were big chunks of pork fat in the laulau, but you don't have to eat them."

Who wouldn't want to? ;) As far as fat goes, it beats all those trans fats.


Brandon: True dat.


So happy to be back to island style food, as fun as it was to be decadent on the mainland!


Annie: (:


You are so lucky! We go to the Open Markets on Tuesdays, but many of the produce are actually imported from the mainland. They're not all local grown which is a disappointment. Art LOVES laulaus.


Annie: It does corrupt my taste buds, being over there.
Kay: Sometimes vendors will smuggle in Mainland grown food although it's against the regulations. One thing that has to be imported, though, is garlic, which simply will not grow here.
The laulau is from the Hilo Sack and Save, and it's the best.

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