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January 31, 2014


Ole Phat Stu

Re Shakespeare:
Archeologists (from the same team who excavated Piltdown Man) were doing excavations for Roman remains in Stratford-upon-Avon in late 2013. They came across a large communal grave containing what turned out to be the skeletons of hundreds of apes.

Carbon dating, however, showed the bones to be only 400 years old!

When they continued after Xmas excavating below the aforesaid communal grave, they found an old oak chest. It contained hundreds of typewriters ;-)


Stu:The mystery solved. I think I may have to write a book myself or maybe a play.

Cop Car

"...matters that at that time were reachable only through a great artist's insights."

Some of those matters are better left unreached, IMO.


We take Freud's insights for granted.


Academic, but accessible and in a different genre, I recommend Why Nations Fail by Robinson and Acemoglu. I would critique it as reifying "the nation" a bit much. But it is a highly suggestive attempt a post-Marxist grand social theory.


Jan: I just downloaded a sample of the book. Thanks.


Judith Butler has only one book in the entire Hawaii public library system, and it's not Parting Ways.


Brandon: Isn't that something! Can you find out what's in the UH library system?


I really like Freud & understand him, he is a philologist.

You are doing better reading than I, I must emulate.


Z: Yes. But I have all this time, you know. And I'm in my "late style," as Said calls it.


This is her only book in the HSPLS:

The psychic life of power : theories in subjection / Judith Butler.

I've heard about, but have never read Judith Butler. But sometime I should.


They don't have Gender Trouble? That's amazing.

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