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January 25, 2014



I kind of do like Christie in General but that cartoon was hilarious.


Christie was the best chance the Republicans had so far to win the Presidency in 2016.

(What happened to the Rurritable blog?)


Brandon: I got tired of his rantings and criticisms of liberals while pretending to be a liberal and his special dislike for women of the left. Dr. Grumpy is more amusing, and I have added Counterpunch.


Interesting. I know of him from Nancy Nall's blog, where he's a prolific commenter. What I got from him is his vicious takedowns of conservatives, and Southern whites in general. Also, his comments on Republicans caught up in gay sex scandals tend toward the homophobic.

I was getting too involved with the NN blog last year and I've taken a break as part of my year of decluttering.


Was this mainly on NancyNall or on his own blog?


Brandon: Sorry for the mixup. I was confusing him with another blogger that I removed from the sidebar. I like Rurritible and only took him down because he hardly ever posts on the blog. He is a very good commenter on Nancy's blog!

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