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January 23, 2014



A good example was a sign at IKEA that said this: "Like sun and water and food, every BODY deserves a good night's sleep."

Let me try: Just as one needs sun, water, and food, every BODY needs a good night's sleep.

What about air? Sunlight is good, and all food energy ultimately derives from the sun, but I'd think air is the most immediate need. (I saw a science special recently about what would happen if the earth were moved even slightly away from the sun; after a certain point oxygen and other gases would freeze into solids, so people wouldn't be able to breathe.)


As if we didn't have enough to worry about!

Ole Phat Stu

Writing from a bad experience many years ago:-

Measure at both ends of the room. Your walls may not be parallel! Mine differed by 1.2 cms back then. Nor was the floor horizontal, the centuries old house had settled
over the years :-(


Stu: This condo complex is not very old, but there has been some settling. We have about 16" of floor clearance so should be OK.


Somedays our mind are so full that it seems they move in slow motion -- happens to most of us no matter the age -- at least this is what my old friends and I have agreed on. -- barbara


Barbara: Yes. It's as if you have to catch up to yourself.


Ahhhhh...IKEA. I love Ikea! As for managing on our own. My brain just can't handle it.

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