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February 01, 2014



Oh my! Rob Ford is still making news? I thought Chris Christie took over the limelight.


Kay: Hard to choose between them.


Looking good!


I'm kind of torn. Still debating with myself. Could be better to show tweets in simpler form.


I love Twitter. Some are better than others, but I'm intrigued & delighted by your being able to post these on your blog. I suppose you use Word Press or Typepad. I'm still on Blogger. I love the form you have here....allowing full participation--reply, comment, etc.--Right?


M.E. This is a Type Pad blog. If you are on Twitter, you can participate. I don't know about people who aren't on Twitter.
So I'll continue to post tweets in the full format.
I notice that even mainstream magazines and newspapers are publishing a lot of tweets.
It's a good idea not to follow too many tweeters. If you follow the right ones, they will link to other material that interests you. I have only 18 followers. Best to keep it that way. I never have much to say on Twitter, anyhow. Mostly I retweet.

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