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April 14, 2014



Have fun by the pool! What are you reading?


Hi, Florence! Still working on Florence Howe's memoir (the other Florence!) and doing a lot of writing. I downloaded a sample of a memoir, Son of Gun, by Justin St. Germaine, because it's about a murder case in Arizona, but read the first few pages and thought, "This is not telling me anything I did not know." Some of my friends and relatives come from this sort of background. The way of life here is familiar enough to me. Florence Howe's memoir, however, is essential reading, because it fills in the gaps in my knowledge and understanding of the women's movement. I was away from the U.S. in the 70's and early 80's. I thought I understood what was going on, but I was wrong. I'm going to write something extensive about this when I'm through with the book.


cabs are god's gift to this older woman! I feel very lucky to live in a town with excellent cab service (and hilarious cabbie blogs, too). Love it when I go to NYC, and the cabs are still excellent and even cheaper than they are here!


M.E. The two musts are the art museum and the botanical garden.Cabs are good and cheap here,too.


If you give me a call we could meet for lunch...Mary has my phone number. You are probably two hours from me and I would not mind getting on the road for a little bit. Or put a note on my blog as to where to call you.


Toni: Maybe tomorrow? It's a little early as I write this to call Mary. I'm headed for the art museum today and was planning on the botanical garden tomorrow, but we might also just hang around poolside and have a long chat, and then maybe a Mexican meal near the U. There is also a craft exhibit in the University area. And you probably know a thing or two to do around here. We could have a good time whatevers!
Oh, and we could meet at the museum and have lunch there, if today is better for you.

Hank Chapin

I wonder what's in the art museum? I always like to discover new "great" art ("great" defined as does Hank really, really like it?)

I recently finished a relevant feminist book that may surprise you. On the other hand, I admit I am probably not the go-to person for feminist books. "My Story" by Elizabeth Smart was an easy read about difficult matters. She is the Mormon girl from Utah who was abducted while sleeping in her safe home at the age of 15 by a religious zealot/creep. I was able to download the book on my Nook. Actually, the theme of "my story" could equally well apply to Florence Howe's book, now that I think of it. I'm 3/4 through Howe, where she's at CUNY which is rocky after pleasantness and success at Old Westbury.

Hank Chapin

The on-line Phoenix Museum, which is excellent, tells me there are examples of Ernest Blumenschein in the Western Art collection. My grandfather knew him in Paris in 1904. He went on to become a founder of the Taos Art Colony in New Mexico. I have an exquisite portrait of a girl which came down in the family by Bloomy, as some in the family called him.


Hi, Hank. I made a mistake, spending time on a special exhibit of costumes from Hollywood movies. I love Hollywoodania, but this was lame. As the dog food ad said, it promised meat but delivered only cereal. Back to my bios of the stars of old Hollywood, their loves, their sorrows!
However, I saw the 20 Thorne Rooms, which I loved. More on that tomorrow. I saw others from the collection years ago at the Chicago Art Insitute. These are a true feast for the eyes of nearsighted people like me, because I can see all the details in the tiny rooms she furnished and decorated.
And there was some fascinating Peruvian and Mexican art about which more tomorrow. These are not masterworks but of great historical interest.
I'm going to see if I can talk Terry into spending a little time at the museum day after tomorrow, so we can see Blumenschein's work.But Terry may be too eager to get out of Phoenix.
And yes,there is that Perils of Pauline aspect to Florence's memoir,but her survival and success are something of a miracle.

Hank Chapin

There may be just one or two Blumenschein works. I just mentioned him out of interest because I saw his name in the on-line site, which is actually quite good. Ha! Perils of Pauline. I didn'
t think of it that way.


She probably would not appreciate my saying that either!

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