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April 24, 2014



It sounds like you may have lots of fantastic material for a memoir! Go for it, if only for your family. It would be a great bonus if published.


Marja-Leena: Still, it's hard for me to separate my life from my mother's. She had such an intense childhood and talked so much about it that it has been hard for me to figure out my own childhood. It always seemed to me that her life was much larger than mine, and in a sense it was.


Good gosh! This is great! Get out your paper and pen and start. Well... just use your computer, for goodness sakes.


Kay: Thank you so much for the encouragement!

Ole Phat Stu

Some numbers for you, Hattie.
It takes me 2 to 3 months to write a textbook which is just structuring stuff I already knew. It took over 6 months to write a novel, 'cos I had to make stuff up as I went along and male it consistent.

So doing a memoir should be somewhere in the middle, say 4-5 months. But then you'd want to go over it and tidy it up and polish as your mom would have insisted. So add another couple of months.

Just want you to be aware if the amount of effort you are getting yourself in for!

But, go! Girl, GO!


Stu: You must be highly organized and hard working to get books out so fast!
I'm going to work from my "retreat," which is the recliner in my living room in Hawaii and see how that goes.
I also need to get a lot of background info from my sister for the family history part, because she has stayed in California and knows a lot more about all these complex matters than I do.


I hope you write this -- even the introductory context setting is fascinating.

The United States was a much smaller country in our parents' day. Like you, my no-count parents encountered prominent people still remembered. I don't think that is so common today.


Jan: That is a good point.
As to the memoir: I may not be able to sort out fact from fantasy, and everything has to have a disclaimer. Families and their histories are like that. Even the events of "my life" are not all that straightforward.


So far you have a great start...I wanted to know more. Besides,your family will appreciate it for generations. I know my mother and grandmother's lives were fascinating and I have always been sorry I did not learn more when they were alive. Please continue, I'll be waiting for the next chapter.


Toni: How encouraging! Thank you! One of the big projects of feminism is creating a narrative of our lives, which mostly have been lived in anonymity but are no less fascinating for that. Look at the adventures you have had!
And it does not end just because we are old, either. There is still too much to do!

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