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April 22, 2014


Hank Chapin

I fell in love with New Mexico in 1959-1962, the nextdoor neighbor to Arizona. Landscape, sunsets, Pueblo Indian culture (extending over to Hopi in Arizona), writer, poets and painters, graduate school in literature, marriage and the beginning of the "2nd quarter" of my life. Now I'm beginning the 4th quarter.


It looks as though I will be in Tucson at least through the rest of this year. If you want to continue good thoughts about Az then you better avoid the summer months--and they are fast approaching at this time. I thoroughly enjoyed our day together and we must do that again.
Terry, your pictures are beautiful, especially of the castle and the canyon.

Hank Chapin

The town-loving ur-Pueblo Indians who lived in that "castle" must have been under constant pressure from the aggression of wandering ur-Navajos. That's what I would infer from the solidity of that castle. But Montezuma has
nothing to do with the Southwest.


It is a truly unique and lovely place, but I feel it is being loved to death from when I first saw it decades ago.


Hank: You were lucky to land there then. The Southwest stirs the imagination.
Toni: Yep. Terry will probably have to come out again for work this summer, but I'll stay put in Hawaii.
Hank: True. The name is a total mistake.
Tabor: If it weren't for the National Park Service, the place would be a total loss. Almost everything of our civilization looks ugly and out of place there. That is why I am grateful to those who strive to preserve what they can, and that's mostly our much reviled public servants who maintain the natural areas and the ruins left by previous cultures.
There was a pow-wow going on in one of the towns nearby, but we did not have the time to attend.


Tabor: I'm trying to get to your blog, but it looks as if your service has gone loony tunes. There are blogs on my service, too, that have been offline for several days. Mine comes and goes. I suspect a major spam attack that has brought down the servers.


You just put Sedona on my list! I was lucky enough to raft through the Grand Canyon a generation ago, but I've never spent the time on foot that I'd like to in the Southwest. Maybe next year.


Jan: This is the time of year to go. Maybe a meet-up next year there? Who knows?


"Almost everything of our civilization looks ugly and out of place there."

Frank Lloyd Wright strove to have his buildings blend into their natural surroundings. Maybe he was inspired by the pueblo. It seems to me that Arizona was seen as a blank slate by those who built all the skyscrapers, houses, etc. all over the place. And when people moved in they also tried to maintain plantings (including lawns) unsuited to the desert climate.


These are gorgeous photos, Marianna. I did love that Arizona/New Mexico area. There are so many interesting places to see.

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