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April 19, 2014



I'm glad you have found some pleasure in Arizona. This museum has some very interesting work - thanks for sharing! Happy Easter to you!


I've seen a repro of that first Madonna, incredible.

Enjoy Sedona!


The queen

A comment I made to Gary has gotten all out of control, and he wants to know exactly what type of and brand of waterproof jacket you have.


Marja Leena: We spent today visiting amazing Native American areas. Pics will be shortcoming. I'm way behind.
Wisewebwoman: It is odd and hard for me to understand the mentality behind these paintings.Very intriguing.
Queen: You mean my 20 year old Gore-Tex jacket? Anyway by our standards this is a pretty wussy place but great fun for all that. I guarantee you will love it.
Oops. Pix Will be forthcoming. Autocorrect is to blame.


Happy Easter to you and Terry! And to the other commenters.


In Cuzco, in one of the two dueling churches that sit across from each other on the plaza, we saw a vast depiction of the Last Supper in which the Andean/Quechua artists had made a cuy (guinea pig, the local delicacy) the central dish. Loved it. Hope your trip is going well!


Jan: I missed that because my friend Mary was reluctant to go into the churches there. Too bad. We hiked for hours today and yesterday. Lots of great trails and views. Type Pad was down a couple of times recently but OK now and hope to get caught up on blogging next week.

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