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April 17, 2014


Pamela (LadyLuz)

How lovely that you were allowed to take photographs for the rest of us to enjoy.

We hope to do the same in May when we make our "culture" trip to Madrid to visit the three major art galleries. Failing that, I'll buy postcards and scan them.


Good luck in Sedona. I was very depressed by the tremendous traffic in what used to be a sweet little town.


So glad your time in Phoenix wasn't a total loss. I would love to see the miniature rooms!

Hank Chapin

Pamela--A major personal discovery of mine at the Prado in Madrid was a late Renaissance painter named RIBERA. I simply had not heard of him before and found him to be very exciting.


It certainly is not what you would call a classy place,but the scenery is overwhelming.
Once I decided just to regard Arizona as a version of California I felt right at home!
Our accommodations are comfortable and adequate and cheap but far from fancy.
We did a short hike today and are looking forward to our explorations over the next few days.


I'm over my home state and all of that, but comparing it to Arizona is an insult to this 3rd gen. Californian! Maybe Los Angeles, but...


Love that miniature, Hattie and glad you enjoyed the Phoenix.



Annie: I don't think there is much difference: class and race conflict, assaults on public education, terrible politics, traffic, traffic, traffic, fantastic scenery, etc. etc. I feel right at home now in new agey Sedona after experiencing the incredible Grand Canyon and finishing up a perfect day of sightseeing with a nice Thai meal at the restaurant down the street.
And I have had some nice experiences here that have warmed me up about the place.
Wisewebwoman: I used up almost all my time alloted for museum going to these exquisite little rooms. Yes, Phoenix is not my favorite place, but I'm beginning to see its advantages.

Pamela (LadyLuz)

Thanks for the tip, Hattie. I can see I'm going to have to get some guide books - there'll be so much (new and familiar) to see. I don't think 1 week will be enough.


Pamela: What got me were the Goyas, the Infanta by Velasquez and the Durer self portrait as a young man.Sigh.So wonderful.I envy you.

Hannah Ryan

Hello! I'm a grad student and I stumbled upon your blog while searching for lactating virgin imagery. Thanks for the nice photo of the Peruvian Bernard - could I possibly use it in a student presentation? I'm happy to cite your image. Could you possibly point me toward the exhibition in which it appeared? I do not see it on the Phoenix Museum site. Many thanks! I can be reached at hd78 at cornell dot edu


Hannah: This is a small exhibit. Like many museums these days the Phoenix Museum is drawing them in with exhibits designed to attract large crowds. The Hollywood costumes exhibit is like that.
Anyway,feel free to use my photos and cite me in your work. I hope your presentation goes well.
ALOHA,Marianna Scheffer.

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