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April 21, 2014



If you do change services, please don't go to WordPress. WP hates me and I have a terrible time leaving comments on WP blogs...I don't know what I have done to offend WP but it really does have it in for me...

Hank Chapin

*Wow, that must be one good lens that Terry has. The resolution is really precise, especially on the stratification of the rocks.
**I would never ever ever never, and I DO mean NEVER, stand close to the edge of the canyon like those guys.
***Good news regarding "A Life in Motion" by Florence Howe. Those parts that deal with the people in her life are definitely interesting, particularly as her mother's life wound down. She didn't particularly care for her mother who was a constant sour ("sour" is good, I'll keep it) SOURCE of negativity and very unrewarding to deal with but there was a bond which Howe honored and she did the right things in the Alzheimer's years which lasted a decade or so. She was closer to her father and could actually talk to him and did. Her brother she detested, but it's still interesting to read about because the reasons are surprising. (He would have been a tea bagger today and thought she was a Commie n-word lover.) She also has gathered around her a "family" of people she was simpatica with. I finally figured out that we are NOT the same age, but I guess we grew up in a recognizably similar world. She's 8-9 or so years older.


Florence: I will keep that in mind.
Hank:Thanks for the great comments.The camera is a Nikon Cool Pix. Terry says the shots were so good because it was an overcast day.
We are pre-boomers and know an America that the Boomers never experienced.
Have you been reading the reviews of the Updike bio? It occurred to me that he chronicled a way of life that we would have no record of if he had not written about it.Same with Roth. Women were mostly ignored in that era as people but were objects of fascination to men like Updike and Roth.


nightmare, all this changing and switching. i'm not up to it. so i just suffer on with a nonworking cell phone. the emails work fine, ditto blogspot. hate facebook. liked twitter, but that's gone ape, too.


M.E. If my husband were not an expert at all this stuff, I would be struggling too. But even so I could manage my Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire. I don't need a smart phone, but we may get one sometime. I am amazed at what good photos people get on their I-Phones. And they are easy to use.
Have you seen the feature on Facebook that lets you tell it what kind of postings you like to see? It's handy.
And as for Twitter, just follow a handful so your feed does not get cluttered.
The key is just to use it for what you want it for, and ignore how others use it.


My site is still down! Three days and counting....


Wonder what it is. Giant spam attack?

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