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April 06, 2014



He takes away with his nastiness any sense of leadership. -- barbara


Barbara: Exactly. How can anyone look up to a person who behaves like that?


"He's a wonderful fellow with all the best intentions, and if you disagree with him about anything at all, you are stupid and evil."

In addition, he, like Christie, presents himself as a straight shooter, telling people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Also, they both have volcanic tempers. #twosidesofthesamecoin

He looks and acts like the Grinch, actually.


Brandon: Oh, exactly. That's funny.

Hank Chapin

Obama has had so many people attacking him, that I kept waiting for Rahm to be our President's pit bull. It never happened. He mainly seemed to be offended by more liberal Dems. All his attack mode stuff never helped Barack. Very strange guy. You don't want him in your life. Basically he probably had the bully's instinct for those who could not fight back, for whatever reasons.


Hank: Funny how people like that count on others not to stand up to them. Is there a strain of masochism that keeps people in line and lets them get away with their bullying?

Hank Chapin

I just read the New Republic interview--before my cuppa cawfee. He seems very disjointed and all over the place. Boy, autocorrect really hates my attempt to render "coffee" in New York dialect and keeps breaking it into two syllables. Let's see if my version makes it to the end. Anyway, you can bet that Rahm was sycophantic with Obama. I hate bosses who smile upwards and are nasty downwards. I had one like that once. He died of congestive heart failure which sort of describes his problem--a messed-up heart.


Hank: This is from an anonymous commenter I found on a listserv:

" 'Radfahrer' – colloquial: one who flatters superiors and brow-beats subordinates

This sort of two-faced person has been given a name that literally means "cyclist": after toadying to his bosses, he turns around and abuses subordinates. This despicable type is distinct from the sycophant, who merely toadies.

Come to think of it, does English have a word for the boss who terrorizes those who work for him? 'Martinet' comes to mind, but it means a strict disciplinarian, a stickler for the rules. It does not necessarily imply terror. Conversely, I would think that part of the terror of a Radfahrer is that, without clear standards, one never knows what may set him off. "
Over the years of having people try to put their hooks into me, I have become much less sensitive to others. There are people who spot sensitivities and regard them as weaknesses to be exploited. I suppose residues of that subservient mentality remain in me, but they are merely vestigial these days. It's only human, I suppose, to try to establish hierarchies of power and subordination, because we are a predatory species no matter how much we claim otherwise.

There is also the type who demands 100% agreement from you on hot-button issues. Or the type who will schmooze you for various reasons, but if you don't respond as they wish will resort to anatomical insults. You have not provided narcissistic supply or unconditional mother love, or whatever it is they feel you owe them. I have a radar for such people, in general; however, they can be quite charming and ostensibly peace loving, and every once in a while someone slips by me, as recently happened. I was forced to use my backup technique: Nuke and withdraw!

The jury is out on a lot of people: mentally ill, a**hole, or a mixture of both?


Hank: Are you using a smart phone? They seem so small to me.


I watched the NBC inside the White House special early in the Obama administration and I would say that Radfahrer is a good description of how Emanuel came off. Nothing I have seen on him since seems to disagree. And I think Rahm may not have been the public pit bull,but in private with other politicians I think he probably was.


Ingineer: I figure he decided he could do without a pit bull after all. Considering the way his enemies have attempted to destroy him, he is doing a darn good job of governing, far better than I could have anticipated. I never idealized Obama, which is a good place to come from when thinking about him. I backed Clinton. She always worried me, though, because she is a hawk. At one point I turned against her but changed my mind. She is the brightest person in politics today.

Hank Chapin

I do your blog on my new Apple Pro Laptop. It is a pleasure in all ways. I can also do Facebook and all my net surfing. My old PC set up is still functioning, like a junk car up on cement blocks and I have not transferred my e-mail yet. I'm currently in two computer worlds.

I have one of the "small" smart phones for telephone, camera, text messaging, Twitter, and Facebook. I have an LG myTouch which I don't think is the top of the line. My server is T-Mobile which is fine in Hawaii, but it has some dead areas in New York and Washington.

My old "flip top" phone was better as a phone per se but it didn't have all the smart accessories.


Hank: I'm so not up to date compared to you, with my old cell phone, Kindle reader and Kindle Fire. We probably will get one smart phone, though, eventually.
I do like my really good desktop with two monitors, and I prefer a real keyboard.
Road Runner works well for us. We've gone from dialup to DSL to cable over the years since we came here.

Poppa Zao

YES YOU READ IT RIGHT: @RahmEmanuel diverted $55M from schools into subsidy for hotel his top donor bought stock in http://t.co/m156hP1CfZ David Sirota (@davidsirota) April 8, 2014


Brandon: So he is just a common crook.

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