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July 18, 2014



Democracy Now is a great place to get the facts. I read it on a regular basis. Agree they are getting better all the time. -- barbara


Barbara: The transcripts are great if you don't feel like watching or listening to the program. They are on Sirius,too, I think,and some community radio stations. I like to watch it on my Kindle before I get up in the a.m. (We are three hours behind the Mainland timewise.)


The public-access channel has same-day broadcasts at night.
A lot of media outlets (especially alternative ones) run on a shoestring. If you really like their work, consider donating to them.


Brandon: What local outlet do you suggest I contribute to? I give to HPR but not public television


The Hawaii Independent is one venue.


PBS Hawaii is another. Then there's Environment Hawaii.


They are on our community radio station every morning at 8:00 and on the PBS TV alternate digital station daily as well.

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