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July 16, 2014



Hattie, I was born in 1947 to parents who were born in 1909 and they were much like your parents-- they left me alone to work my own thoughts and since I was a pretty good kid, they mostly let me do what I wanted to. I've often thought that life had just worn them down and fortunately, I didn't require a lot of parenting. I guess I am a Boomer but I never fit that either.


I think the Generation Xers and the Silent Generation are similar in that both were left to their own devices. The Millennials, mostly the children of boomers, were those kids whose yuppie parents flashed cards at them. Check out Baby Boom (1987), for instance.


Florence: You were lucky. It would have been nice for me to have been born later,so that I could have enjoyed some of the freedoms that became standard later. As it was I could not afford to be seen as a "bad girl" in any way. I managed to get into some trouble,partied and flunked out of college and quickly realized that this could affect my chances in life and steadied down.
Brandon: I know nothing about Boomer parental practices. Weren't they all over the map about this?


I think trends are interesting but generalizing can be dangerous. There were many on each end of the spectrum on this, I am guessing. My parents were poor as were many born at the turn of the Century and that means kids were left alone and learned responsibility at an early age in raising their siblings and keeping house and farming. The wealthier, middle-class and well-educated raised their children slightly differently by giving them swimming, riding, and other lessons while they were busy. I am a boomer and could have raised my kids so much better, but was too busy working and trying to stay middle-class. I am old now and tend to see this new generation of children being too programmed in their lives...maybe I am wrong. I worry about creativity not being nurtured. I worry about the value of idle thought.


Tabor: Thanks for your thoughtful insights. The young families I see are having to work very hard while also living up to higher standards of child rearing.


"I am old now and tend to see this new generation of children being too programmed in their lives...."--Tabor


Not all millennial children have such busy schedules. But free time is lacking among a segment of upper middle and upper class kids. Myself, I had a lot of free time and was never pressured about grades. In the article I linked to, many people regard college as a means to an end, namely a lucrative, prestigious career. It's like the guy in A Raisin in the Sun who says, You get good grades to get the degree, then a job. But I think education is its own reward.

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