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July 20, 2014



Unfortunately it is the Hamas radicals that put the Palestinians in the middle of all this terror. I am not giving the Israeli's an out because they have ever so harshly closed in again and again taking land from the Palestinian people until they are indeed in a prison. Peace will only come from the outside and followed by some way to get a strangle hold on all these conservative religious radicals.


I have met Palestinians that are very well educated and successful people. You would think the majority of Palestinians and the majority of Jews could work out their differences and find peace. I think many have, but that does not make the news. But the radicals on their side continue to shoot missiles at Israel and kidnap civilians and such is the reason that Israel continues military action against them.

Maybe the Palestinians siding with the Nazi's in WWII didn't help the Israeli's feelings toward them in the beginning. And maybe Israel feels picked on because 6 countries declared war on them the day they were formed as a nation by the UN. Now all of those nations have made peace with Israel except the Palestinians. The Palestinians have been persecuted in other Middle Eastern nations as well, so they seem to be second class citizens everywhere they go except the US.

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