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July 18, 2014


Poppa Zao

"...I watched Pootie Tang and it was not sufficiently entertaining to excuse how awful it was."

It wasn't the greatest movie. I think it originated as a skit on The Chris Rock Show, and it was directed by Louis C.K.
I still recommend Volta, the Filipino superheo movie. It's available as a DVD at Netflix, but I borrowed mine through the interlibrary loan at the library ($1 for 7 days).


Bros and Hos. Yawn. Not suitable entertainment for me.

Hank Chapin

I had a colleague who was certified to take in and rehabilitate wounded birds. Legally speaking, not everyone is allowed to do that, by the way. Anyway, this mynah bird bonded with her and became jealous of her husband. Every time he entered the house, the mynah bird would divebomb him. After a while, it got old to have a bird as his nemesis and rival for his wife's affections.


Rescuing a mynah! People around here call them pests and trash birds. I admire their gregarious and quarrelsome ways and their instinct for survival.

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