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June 28, 2016



David Cameron now seems to be saying that Leave voters weren't too bothered about the EU as such, their big grouse was the level of immigration. Which decoded might mean, if the EU brings in a new policy allowing greater control over immigration, then there's no need to leave the EU.

I know very little about Turkey, but given that they've satisfied only one of the numerous pre-entry conditions, I don't think they'll be joining the EU any time soon.


Nick: I don't think the other EU members are going to let GB cherry pick what they want. It all looks pretty grim.


I too keep thinking about the implications of Brexit. I've focused on the implosion of "democratic" "Britain" -- both called into question by this round.

I am reading Tony Judt's 1996 take on the EU. His book, Postwar, immensely broadened my sense of the world that is. My upbringing in the USA in the 50s and 60s erased Central Europe, but it didn't go away.

Everyone is probably right that Turkey would have been too much for the EU in the best of times. But this makes me sad. I've had friends who lived in Istanbul and loved it. But Istanbul is not Anatolian Turkey ...


I thought maybe you were referring to the guy that will serve no wine before its time, but that is Paul Masson. ;-)


Nope. A relative.

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