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June 24, 2016



We were just discussing what good timing for our trip to London with the Dollar strong and the Pound falling. I am sorry that Brexit passed though. I don't think people took the possibility seriously enough and didn't think it could possibly pass so they did not vote. I felt the same way about Donald Trump-- I didn't take him seriously and could not believe he would have a chance to become the Republican nominee. But I have certainly had my eyes opened! Let the passage of Brexit be a warning to us about the Donald!!


Florence: A Facebook friend in Germany is buying up British pounds now, so she must believe the Pound will not continue to fall.
We had wonderful times visiting London when we lived in Germany and later in Switerland. Cheap flights and accomodations were easy to get. There was a lot of nativism and racism, masked by the well known British hypocrisy.
Know what a wog is? I was very surprised that a friend of mine, who believes she knows England very well, had never heard the word. The English are so two-faced.
I'm no Anglophile, that is for sure. They count on us Americans to go ga-ga over their moldy old stuff and the Queen, but I'm not buying it. We, speaking very generally, are much nicer people than they are.


Like many others, I was utterly shocked by the referendum decision to leave the EU. The Leave campaign shamelessly encouraged people to think that EU immigrants were to blame for all their problems - unemployment, homelessness, a struggling NHS etc - and millions of voters fell for it. I think many of them are already regretting their vote as they finally grasp the negative consequences.

barbara judge

Gorgeous photo of your "swimming hole." I've been an ostrich lately. Keeping my thoughts in more pleasurable places. Out country just is floundering in negativity. Once in awhile I get overwhelmed from it all. -- barbara


Barbara: Me, too. When I was younger I would back away from controversy. Expressions of racism and sexism made me feel physically ill. These days I'm less sensitive and more willing to take on the haters.


I'm catching up reading you in sequence and see you had the same thought about Brit retirees.

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