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June 27, 2016





They do look radiant and it's lovely to see. I mostly hope Warren is not the Veep candidate. I want her in the Senate for another decade and a half. She's amazing.


Jan: Who do you think would "run well" with Hillary?

mage Bailey

Yes, I am encouraged with the numbers too.


I like the Texas law ruling from the court, but the politician bribery one was disappointing. The elitist politicians are putting themselves further from us commoners every day. Maybe they should study what happened to the ruling class in the French and Russian revolutions.


I think Hillary will choose someone she actually thinks could serve as President well -- that's a compliment to her. Politically, it doesn't much matter; Hillary is winning and Veeps, though the announcement makes a splash, contribute little to national victory.

I would be thrilled with Tom Perez, currently the Labor Secretary (previously the Civil Rights Division of Justice) because he's from Buffalo, Puerto Rican, and really gets the deindustrialized north. But he's a long shot and not quite cooked as a politician.

It's never a time for complacency, but Hillary is doing well these days.

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