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July 28, 2016



I am looking forward to your observations from the road. I am in New Brunswick now and the very mention of the Donald only brings raised eyebrows and a slight sneer. It is nice not to be bombarded with the perpetual shouting and advertising. I may not come back until it's all over.


BTW, Mary and Jim have made it in to Canada. The last I heard from them they were doing fine.

Poppa Zao

It's not the Hawaii way. See my post.


Certainly not. Nor the way of any decent person anywhere, for that matter. What a brat.


That woman is %@*!¡ rude!

Make sure your candidate is really in it to win, not to just "raise issues" in an undisciplined manner. Campaigns are too much work by many people not to take seriously. :-)


Jan: We had a talk yesterday. It developed that she wanted League to arrange a debate between her and her opponents.This, two weeks before the primary. I said no, of course; that was impossible. I realized then that she knew very little about political organization. She will lose the primary and that will be that. No harm done, really, and she can try again in a couple of years, when she will be in a stronger position.
This is a woman who impresses me with her willingness to activate people, and she says I even encouraged her to run for office. Mea culpa, I guess. It's so easy to assume that people know what you know, especially in politics. I had to go through a long learning process as a League member and needed a lot of help to do my job as President.

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