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July 29, 2016


Poppa Zao

So they weren't Great Danes or German shepherds. Were they St. Bernards or mutts?


They were "rescue" dogs. The big one was a mutt and, I thought, pretty ugly, but that's a matter of taste. But dogs need a lot of attention and good training, especially the big ones, and these owners were not doing the job.


I've encountered plenty of large, obstreperous dogs in my time. The owners invariably apologise, but that doesn't alter the fact that the dogs are unruly and obtrusive and have never been properly trained to behave themselves.


Lovely photos. My neighbor and I had a nice conversation this morning about politics. She's an Independent, and won't vote for Trump. There is hope!


Dianne: It would not be likely that I would encounter Trump voters in the places I've been lately. I was surprised at the lack of enthusiasm for Sanders among people I thought would be all in for him. A friend was sure I'd be a Sandernista with my Berkeley and Reed background, and was very relieved that I wasn't.

Barbara Judge

Hattie -- Your phone camera works out very nicely for you. I wish I could take the time to learn how to properly use mine!

I-5 -- detest that highway -- I avoid it as much as possible! Hope you will find a new trail to CA. -- barbara

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