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July 31, 2016



Don't know what to say as I think you may be right!!


Ever since Geraldine Ferraro ran as a VP candidate in the mid 80s and the rhetoric was so vitriolic I have felt sure that we would vote in a minority male for president before we would ever choose a female. And we still know the glass ceiling to be there--putting knots in our collective heads every time any female gets too close. Remember that, as FLOTUS, Hillary was chastised for getting out there and fighting for healthcare instead of staying home and baking cookies. When I hear the B....word used to describe her, when I hear she is too shrill, when I hear criticism of her WHITE pant suit, I want to scream and throw something. I think she will be much better than Bill, we know the comparison will be made--even more than the comparison to The Donald.


What is it about women in positions of power that is so enraging to many?


I find anything by Rebecca Traister worth reading ...


Jan: She is quietly intelligent, unassuming, as I saw when I heard her speak in Seattle a while ago on a book tour to publicize her book, *All the Single Ladies.* She has always been a staunch defender of Hillary Clinton.
She strikes me as a person who doesn't think she has the last word on everything, who sees how things develop and change, which is a traditional strength of women and one worth defending against absolutists who think they have all the answers.

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