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August 29, 2016



That weather picture looks to be a large monster coming to devour something. Hopefully not your island!


I'm sorry about your cat. We've lost a few over the years.


Nice finger shot! LOL!
I am a real animal lover too, but when one of my animals gets sick and reasonable efforts to treat them fail, I have no qualms about putting them down. I am able financially to take care of my animals and am happy to do so. But I see no reason to bankrupt myself trying to keep a sick animal alive.
Hope the Hurricanes pass you by.


Mary should be back on the Island by now--someone to commiserate with. Love the picture. I have lots of snapshots of the inside of my purse. That might be a great blog posting--'Pictures that Weren't'.


Keeping my fingers crossed for those nasty hurricanes. We have been spared for too many years, and I am not holding my breath.


This is pretty scary. We're keeping our fingers crossed that Madeline with die down and Lester veers away from us. Sigh... Hurricane season! Art is even considering a generator now. He never has before.


We have a generator which we have never used. Hope we don't need it. The wind is starting to rise and it's overcast as the first bands from Madeline reach us. We are going out now to get some last minute supplies.


Our weather magicians are now saying the hurricanes will miss you north and south. Hope they are right. Hope they are right that Storm Hermine will knock herself out south of here (Vineyard).

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