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August 26, 2016



I believe all National Parks are free this weekend because it is the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.

Poppa Zao

I'd like to have lengthier posts, on my travels, about the town, various things. But it's been hectic lately. I figure even a video, some embedded tweets, or links are better than nothing. It's the regularity that counts.


I too have never understood those blogs that just QUIT. No explanation. You go to check on them and find the last posting was in 2014. So sad.

As for links, I'm not fond of blogs that do this in such large amounts. Often the blog is just a compilation of what others have written. Nothing about the actual writer. I like the personal stuff. A link is fine, but tell me why you like or dislike it enough to put it on your blog.


The blogs I can't be bothered with are the ones that are more or less personal diaries - what I did today, what someone said to me in the supermarket etc. They're so trivial I wonder why they waste time on them. I go for blogs that have something original to say, or a new angle on something familiar.


Ingineer: We always get in for free because we are old and have oldster passes. We were at Volcanoes National Park yesterday, and it was fairly busy but no more than one would expect on a Sunday.
Brandon: Well, I know with your daily column in the TH and your museum work plus your family obligations you could hardly be churning out content! Could you try just a couple paragraphs once a week or something?
Dkzody: Sometimes people shift over to Facebook, and I can follow them there. I try to make links relevant and leading to content I think people would find interesting.
Nick: Depends. The pooterish self-regard of some such blogs never fails to move me, and dipping into them every now and then is a vice of mine. They are a cry for help! None like that are on my blog roll now.

Poppa Zao

I'll see what I can do. If I manage it right, I could write more at least every other day.

(Kunstler is especially cranky today.)


Good deal. I figured since you go often that you would likely have some sort of pass.

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