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August 31, 2016



The sea was angry, my friends.....and I offered myself as sacrifice to appease the gods!

Glad you're okay, with nothing broken, I gather -- but from my experience deep tissue bruising you may have incurred is none too pleasant so hope you have little or none of that.

Hope Lester tones down in power before it gets to your island -- you weather the winds and water well so you dont need to use your ins. Stay on your feet & keep dryh.


Joarad: I'm OK. I did not land hard. But I took it easy for the rest of the day. I am well padded, luckily.


Good luck with the storms...they sure do seem hurricane-like!


Z: It does get on one's nerves.

Ole Phat Stu

Stay dry!


WOW! Those are pretty big waves. No need to risk your life for the sake of video art though, granted that short film made me gasp.


Wow! Glad you didn't slide into those waves!

Hope the storm won't be too hard on your home. Stay dry and away from those steep banks.


Oh yikes! You are so close to the ocean! Stay safe! Sheesh!


Goood grief!!! Marianna! You are so scary. Please be careful. I wasn't too too worried this time around with all the near misses we've had, but now, I AM.


The proverbial wake up call. I was just lucky.You be safe, too Kay. No telling what this next hurricane will do.


I'm glad you're all right.


Me too!

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